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Brand Alchemy

1:1 Brand Strategy Course


Gain clarity and confidence while you build a solid foundation for your brand…

BEFORE you design (or re-design) it.



+ One-on-one private brand strategy sessions with Sarah

+ Lessons, prompts and exercises to help us align your brand with your ideal client/customer

+ Custom “brand identity” design work by Sarah, specific to your brand

+ A custom “Comprehensive Brand Guide” to take with you at the end of the course and use as a compass for your future branding


will help you…

+ Define your brand more thoroughly and consistently

+ Differentiate yourself and stand out from other brands in your market

+ Identify your target audience and align more accurately and effectively

+ Structure your offer or refine an existing offer

+ Translate your brand into a verbal and visual language

+ Ensure that your marketing is consistent and cohesive, going forward

+ Expand an existing brand with intention and coherence

+ Build or revamp your website


you will have…

+ Clarity about your brand’s vision, voice and visual expression

+ At least one mood board, custom-made for your brand, with hundreds of dollars worth of custom-selected photography, textures and backgrounds you can use in your marketing

+ At least one color scheme, custom-designed for your brand, to be used in every aspect of your marketing

+ Logo recommendations for a new logo or refresh of your existing logo, if desired

+ A strong sense of what you want and need when you go to design or re-design your identity package and website


At the end of this course, your brand’s unique, up-to-the-minute strategy will be laid out in a “Comprehensive Brand Guide” created exclusively for you by Sarah Miller. Sarah is well-versed in brand development, with decades of experience in e-commerce, website development, email marketing, fashion design, and entrepreneurship.

You can use this guide as a compass to direct you through every aspect of your future marketing—including business cards, presentations, your website, package design, and social media.

This Comprehensive Brand Guide is also THE professional branding tool you need to give to other designers, writers and marketers you may work with, going forward, in order to save time and money on costly decision-making, inconsistencies, mistakes and rebranding. With a brand guide as a well-considered, solid platform, you ensure that your brand messaging stays consistent and cohesive throughout all touch points of your brand, across every method of communication to your audience. Working with a brand guide is a must in order to make effective marketing decisions quickly and easily.

Take the time to build the foundation of your brand—before you build your brand.

This course is for you if...

+ You want to embark on bespoke brand strategy like the pros—the same process top brand development agencies provide in their high-level contracts.

+ You want to get clear on your brand strategy BEFORE you jump in and spend your time and money to design (or redesign) your brand identity and website.

+ You’re tired of trying to DIY your way into looking like a professional brand.

+ You want six weeks of ongoing “ask me anything” access to a professional brand specialist/e-commerce developer to grow, learn, and define your next steps.

+ You know that investing your time, money and energy into a) getting clear and b) laying a solid foundation under your brand is the wisest long-term strategy.

+ You want to go deep into your brand strategy, before creating a brand identity, so that you do it right the first time.

+ You’re open to “brand therapy” so that you clear out hidden blocks to your success and uncover the truest aspects of your brand BEFORE you try to create a brand expression that you love.

+ You know you need more than a brand identity—you also want to develop a brand strategy as a solid basis and cohesive roadmap for your entire business going forward.

+ You’re looking for premium brand development for a top-shelf, high-end brand. You want the best.

This course is NOT for you if...

+ You just want a cheap, quick solution and are impatient to create a surface-level identity right away.

+ You want to cut corners and save money on your marketing (at risk of spending more later).

+ You’re happy with the brand and/or website you already have.

+ You don’t want a holistic or upscale approach to your business and your brand—you just want a business card, website, and social media templates.

+ You don’t want to do the inner work necessary to achieve a better outcome.

More options…

Want to work with Sarah on your brand, but not ready for a six-week course?

Check out other ways we can work together here.

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Your commitment…

Approximately 4-6 hours over 6 weeks



The first step is a 20-minute chat to make sure we’re a good match to move forward. Please contact Sarah below to get on the waitlist.


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