cork checkbook covers

Naturally Beautiful

Lightweight. Durable. Water resistant.

Cork is velvety soft and feels luxurious in the hand.


RAINBOW CORK checkbook cover

Nature’s Treasure

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree that grows mainly in the Mediterranean. The tree renews itself when the cork is removed, making cork a natural, recyclable and environmentally-friendly product.


Card stock is included to separate duplicate checks. 

6-3/8″ x 3-1/2″ (closed)

Made in the USA

A Lovely Gift

Surprise someone with an unusual gift they can use and enjoy.


Not just for checkbooks. Keep coupons tidy or use it for the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system.

Financial Refreshment

May your new checkbook cover bring you the joy of prosperity every time you use it!

eco-luxe cork


Legacy Forests

 Grown and harvested in Portugal

interior design

Cork Flooring

Available at Green Building Supply


Vegan Style

Designed and created in the USA

Metallic Effects

Each piece will display natural characteristics and variances unique to your checkbook cover. They are an integral part of the charm and beauty of natural cork—no two pieces are alike.