America’s Most Successful Pimp Reaches out to America’s Most Successful Sex Trafficking Program

The following appeared in the Children of the Night newsletter dated January 12, 2021 and is republished here with permission from the author.


America’s most successful pimp, who put teens and young women on the streets, forcing them to prostitute in major cities from Los Angeles to D.C. writes me from jail—years after I testified against him in court.

He writes…”I am 46 years old and in prison. I’m serving my 17th year of a life sentence for multiple counts of pimping, pandering and sexual assaults of a minor.

I first became aware of your organization while out committing crimes like those and I would see what I assumed were Children of the Night volunteers handing out condoms to young women prostituting on the streets.

The next time I encountered Children of the Night was during my trial in 2005, when Dr. Lois Lee testified as an expert witness.

At that time, in my ignorance and arrogance, I was angry and convinced that this woman not only had it all wrong but she knew absolutely nothing about “My Life Style” or “the Game”.

Furthermore, who did she thinks she was and how dare she have the nerve to speak on my business like she knew me.

These feelings grew into a resentment that I harbored for more than a decade.

After years of denial, lying and minimizing my behavior I finally realized I’ve been supporting a warped belief system.

Due to self reflection I developed a willingness to change and began attending cognitive behavioral treatment programs, self-help and rehabilitative support groups.

By the mercy of Allah I now have compassion, empathy and remorse for my victims and the pain I’ve caused them and their families.

I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Lois Lee.

Although I didn’t know then, I now realize I wasn’t fit for society and was a potential threat to every woman. I now spend my days living amends and creating ways to be of service to others.

I’m not sure how I could be of any help to your organization, whether its sharing my story to discourage a young man from taking a similar path or to warn young ladies and educate them about the dangers of abusive relationships and human trafficking, but either way I’m available and wish to be used.

In addition and in closing I realize I don’t deserve anything but I would like to respectfully request any literature you may have or offer to someone on my journey to improve insight, increase awareness and never offend again.

Thank you for your time, please continue to do what you do.”


I have known many pimps in my career. I have gone to their clubs looking for girls and/or tips on the location of girls.

I have asked their girls “Do you want to go with me or do you want to go with him?” And often they came with me because I was the only way out.

In the subculture of prostitution, a prostitute must “choose” another pimp if she wants to leave safely without retaliation. Usually, she has to give the new pimp money to be with him.

Sex trafficking victims are often willing participants in their own victimization because very simply “Life with a Pimp is Better than Life at Home”.

That is why they often go back to a pimp after being rescued. What is the alternative? What do you have to offer? Will you judge them?

Foster homes lack the skills, training and understanding of the life the young sex trafficking victim has lived. 

Group homes are inappropriate and often sex trafficking victims are made fun of or abused by other youth.

Law enforcement only has jail as an alternative. So what’s the use?

That is why I created Children of the Night, a special place, just for children and young people who have been forced to prostitute. A program that will stay with them as long as they want us to be involved. A place you can call when you slip back into abusive relationships or prostitution. 

Our children did not become prostitutes overnight, and recovery is not a simple rescue or hotline call. They need long term care, support and understanding.

Children of the Night does not have failures, only young people in transition.


“God overlooked people’s ignorance about these things in earlier times, but now he commands everyone everywhere to repent of their sins and turn to Him.”

ACTS 17:30