TOOLS – A site devoted to the Emotional Freedom Technique, helping to create physical health through emotional relief. – The Health Cards Treatment System by Julie Fast is a self-referral method of managing mood swings, developed through the author’s own experience of managing her disease. It also teaches family members, friends, teachers and health care professionals exactly what to do to help find stability. The system works for young children, teenagers and adults with the illness. In just a few hours, anyone who reads this book can experience relief and hope when they realize there is a way to successfully manage bipolar disorder.

The DaVinci Method – Learn How to Transform Your Bipolar Temperament from a “Problem” into the Secret of Your Succes
It is seldom recognized that having bipolar comes with the gifts of genius level creativity and problem solving abilities. Learn how some of the most successful people in the world use their bipolar to acheive greatness – and how you can too. Learn how to harness the positive aspects of bipolar and minimize the downsides. – Living in tune with the seasons is a subtle yet powerful way to bring body and soul back in accord with their own natural rhythms and intelligence. – A blog kept by Waverly Fitzgerald: Writer, teacher, calendar priestess. – One psychotherapist’s list of what a comprehensive alternative bipolar treatment program should include. This site is also a source of many tools and support.