Have you ever wanted to be better with money?


Who would you be if you lived in a paid-for house and didn’t owe anyone anything? What could you do with your time, attention and money?


We’ve been told that debt is a part of life. It doesn’t have to be.

I want you to have the lifestyle you want. I just want you to be able to afford it with ease. I’m not here to crush your dreams. I’m here to help you build a foundation under them. So often, we dream big but then live large before we can do it comfortably. We sabotage our vision when we get out of balance. It’s stressful to be in debt. It’s limiting. It’s discouraging. It’s expensive. And! It’s unnecessary.

What many of us have been missing is a proven plan to give us structure and direction. We haven’t been taught how to have what we want without owing other people money! We haven’t been taught how to build wealth for ourselves and our families. We can learn.

WHY do you want to get out of debt?

To change your financial situation, you will need to change who you are and how you think about your money.

Start with the why. WHY do you want to transform your life? 

Do you want less stress? Living debt-free creates simplicity, and more peace of mind. Do you want more freedom and more choices? When you don’t owe anybody money, YOU are in control of your money and get to spend it how you want. You can change jobs or even your career or location with more freedom when a lender no longer has you tied to payments. Do you want more money to enjoy and give? When you start being more intentional with your money, and stop draining your paycheck into payments, you’ll feel like you got a raise.

Did you know money fights and money problems are the #1 cause of divorce in the nation? How does better relationships sound?

Do you want to teach your children a better way to handle money? Do you want to be able to teach them how to build wealth?

You need to know WHY you want to get out of debt so that when things get tough (and they might) and you experience temptations (and you probably will) you have a reason to stay the course. Your WHY gets you fired up enough to change your money habits, and keeps you on track.